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Authors of the American Civil War

07 Nov

The are many historians and even many schools of thought regarding the American Civil War. This most dramatic event in the History of the United States has inspired many novels, plays, and movies — all possible forms of art that could be used to express the tragedy of a war between citizens of the same state.

We are honored to be able to present you with an enormous collection of books from authors who witnessed this great conflagration, or were even participants in what became the bloodiest war in America's history.

Dabney Herndon Maury was an instructor at West Point, a participant in the Mexican War, and a Major General in the Confederate States Army during the Civil War.

As an experienced officer, he authored several books about tactics and skirmish drill, which became standard military textbooks.

When the Civil War was over he began his career as a historian, and organized the Southern Historical Society. It published the 'Southern Historical Society Papers', comprising 52 volumes of research works and memoirs written by Southern soldiers, officers, politicians, and civilians.

Wilson J. Vance was a private in the Union Army during the Civil War. A recipient of the Medal of Honor for his valor at the Battle of Stones River, he later wrote a book about that turning-point in the war.

Women also took part in the Civil War. Read the story from Adelaide W. Smith, who was known among soldiers as 'Miss Ada,' or 'The Colonel,' when she worked in the field hospitals. Much later in life she wrote a memoir about her experiences as a nurse during the war, noting:

James Ford Rhodes was an industrialist who left his prosperous business to devote himself to historical research. Learn more about the American Civil War from lectures delivered by Rhodes — a scholar who won a Pulitzer Prize for his research about the war.

John Roy Musick was a historical author and poet. His best work is the 14-volume 'Columbian Historical Novels'. This series was hailed by critics as a masterpiece in the field of historical fiction. Read his book, 'Brother Against Brother' — a story about tragic events of the Civil War.

Stephen Crane is a special author in this list. Whilst being born after the war, he is held up to be the author of one of the most realistic stories about the American Civil War.

He became extremely popular after his best-selling novel, 'The Red Badge of Courage,' was published in 1895. Remarkably, Crane wrote his masterpiece without having had any direct experience of war.

He explained this apparent incongruity as follows:

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