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Best Books to Read at Christmas

08 Dec

Winter came again and with it all the joys of Christmas came too. The magic time of decorating the tree, buying gifts and putting them under it, shouting "Merry Christmas" to people who pass the streets and looking around at all the beautiful Christmas lights. One of the best times to have turkey dinners with family and friends, and then watching everyone open their gifts with surprised and happy faces. Stockings hanging in the living room, the snow on the ground, tasty dishes, warm greetings - it's all about Christmas. The one thing that makes these holidays even better is reading books, which also make an excellent gift. Here are some good reading suggestions as Christmas approaches:

A Christmas Carol

Known by everybody, it is one of the best works written by Charles Dickens. The novella tells the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, a greedy miser who hates Christmas with all his heart, and his transformation into a gentle, kind and caring man after visitations of the ghost of his former business partner Jacob Marley, and the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come. “A Christmas Carol" remains popular, having never been out of print. One could easily say it is the perfect reading for those who truly appreciate Christmas.


The poem "Christmas-Eve" written by Robert Browning examines the religious aspect of Christmas. It is an account of a vision in which the narrator is taken to a Nonconformist church, to St. Peter's in Rome, to a Göttingen lecture theatre where a practitioner of the Higher criticism is discoursing on the Christian myth, and back to the Nonconformist church. The poem provides valuable clues to the religious opinions of Browning himself.

Christmas Chimes and Other Poems

Is it possible to imagine Christmas without music? Christmas songs and carols still remain an integral part of the holiday:

The Velveteen Rabbit

A great choice for children is “The Velveteen Rabbit, or How Toys Become Real," a book written by Margery Williams and illustrated by William Nicholson. It chronicles the story of a stuffed rabbit sewn from velveteen and given as a Christmas present to a small boy. Throughout the narrative the rabbit desperately wants his to become real, through the love of his owner. The book was first published in 1922 and has been republished many times since. “The Velveteen Rabbit" was Williams' first children's book, and was awarded the IRA/CBC Children's Choice award. Based on a 2007 online poll, the National Education Association named the book one of its "Teachers' Top 100 Books for Children."

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Ten Christmas stories for those who appreciate short prose:

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