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The Time of Thanksgiving (Reading List on Holiday)

27 Oct

It's getting a bit colder and the desire to just stay home and spend some time with family is growing. We'll soon have such a chance to do that, because it's almost November, a month of thanksgiving and presents. We wait for Thanksgiving Day to see our loved ones. On this holiday we get the opportunity to express our gratitude to God, nature, family, and friends for being there – for their love, and support.

May these readings bring joy and happiness to your hearts on Thanksgiving holidays.

Thanksgiving: Its Origin, Celebration, and Significance as Related in Prose and Verse (1921):

Excerpt from the book:

"Every autumn in school and home recurs the need for a collection of literature on Thanksgiving, an anthology comprehensive enough to include all the best that has been written about this intensely American holiday. For years the imperative ungratified demand for such a book has almost suggested a dark conspiracy among literary folk, - a conspiracy which the present volume is intended to thwart. It brings to children of all ages all the best poems, essays, plays and stories of Thanksgiving. And its scope is yet wider."

Excerpt from A Thanksgiving Tale; And Other Poems, written by Simon Sultan and published in 1913:

"The Thanksgiving tale was inspired by the report which appeared in all the newspapers about the time it was written of a man having died of starvation in the streets of the city on Thanksgiving Day".

The Children's Book of Thanksgiving Stories, written by various authors, edited by Asa Don Dickinson and published in 1915:

This great collection of Thanksgiving stories for children will bring joy to parents and their children. As well, the compilation may be useful to librarians, and teachers. The stories are closely connected with the wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. The short descriptive note placed before each story will be of use in choosing a tale suited to one's audience in reading aloud.

The President, the People, and the War; A Thanksgiving Discourse by Rev. Horatio Stebbins:

A sermon read and written in the middle of the American Civil War, the discourse touches on the history of Thanksgiving and the state of the Union in that period. The words of the Reverend Horatio Stebbins touched General James Harrison Wilson, the governor of California Frederick Ferdinand Low, and others so deeply that they wrote a letter to the Reverend asking him to publish it. As a result, it was published in 1864.

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